Tuesday, March 08, 2005

suavamente--elvis crespo

i learned that spanish people like to make music, too! (only kidding)
this music is great to listen to because it's so exciting--not harmonically, but the brass playing is awesome. between lyrics, the trumpets and saxophone just have these ripping lines and scalar runs. it's very mariachi-esque, parallel harmonies and such. the maracas and congo drums are pretty killer, too. you might think i'm a huge dork, and you're exactly right. i first became acquainted with this song when i attended spanish camp my junior year of high school. since we weren't allowed to communicate in any way through english, we were forced to listen to spanish music, to dance salsa, and to eat tapas every night. the last part is false, but we did listen to a lot of spanish music. anyway, this song instantly became a hit.
harmonically, however, most of the cadences are half cadences and perfect authentic cadences. several of the passages include I-IV-V-I progressions.

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