Friday, March 11, 2005

'do nothin' till you hear from me'

so i guess i'm on a harry connick kick this week.

this tune starts with solo voice and then the piano comes in on dotted-eights +sixteenths . they then trade off between voice/piano and bass. there's a great walking bass line randomly in here. i like the orchestration of this piece. the sparse instrumentals really send the vocals out to focus.

then there's a piano solo with bass accompaniment. because of the percussive nature of the bassist, there's no need for a full rhythm section.

when the vocals come back in the piano and bass keep playing their jive for about 8 bars. (this can be the transitory section). after that we're in our A section, full swing.

i'd say that this is rounded binary ending on a PAC.
i love harry connick, jr. and you should, too!!


Scott Spiegelberg said...

Is your shift key broken too?

Queen_Neopolitan said...

No, My ShIfT kEy Is NoT bRoKeN. tHaNkS fOr AsKiNg.