Sunday, March 06, 2005

Back to School- Adam Sandler (Billy Madison)

Well, I'm having a sleep-over with Ladams and KDaniel....and we are watching Billy Madison! So I decided to blog about the song Billy sings on his first day of school. It's catchy...short...and something that everyone has taken to singing or leaving on away messages. Really a cult classic that Billy Madison. He's going back to school to prove to dad he's not a fool. It's in a simple ternary form and has about only three notes....but like I said before...real catchy.
Well Ladam's "D" key is broken and it's getting kind of I'm out!! :-)


katie said...

TMinney, I heart you. Excellent song selection. Even though it was my idea. hahahahahaa :-) we need to have more sleepovers.

Uncle Jesse couldn't play basketball... truth or myth? ;-)

Queen_Neopolitan said...

T minney--

I know my "D" key is broken!! how crazy is that? who knew laptops could lose their keys?? i heart billy madison, and i'm glad you're having a sleepover!! sorry i feel guys called it. but here it is, 12:42 and I woke up to do my blog.

see you in the morning!!

Minnie Mouse said...

First, KDaniel:
In answer to your question: Could Uncle Jesse play basketball? The answer is YES. Uncle Jesse invented basketball. The episode with Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Uncle Jesse was a complete farce. Uncle Jesse could have outscored Kareem by 30.

And Ladams:
Yeah. You fell asleep. And I still have a finger injury from using the broken key. I will be sending you the bill for my repeated stress injury and pain suffering next week. Thanks.

Love you guys! Thanks for letting me sleep over!! :-)