Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Without You - Rent

You're probably thinking, "Another one from Rent? Is she obsessed or something?" Not really, I find musicals wonderful and...it's the only recording I own of a musical. There will be more rent to come. Onto this piece. It begins with Mimi singing alone. The accompaniment is decieving at the beginning. You think you know when she is going to enter, but it surprises you. The accompaniment starts with one guitar plucking and when the song gets more emotional, more pieces of the pit add on. Mimi is very good at word painting. On the word burns she emphasises that it's something that really is painful and you want to get away from it as soon as possible. The melody is mainly Do to Sol back and forth on the verses. The chorus differs greatly...it even seems as if they modulate. Rodger enters and the accompaniment grows even more. It's a sweet ballade. I cannot tell what cadences are in there, but I do know that the accompaniment doesn't change much at all.

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