Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bach Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 mvt 1 (for Feb 14th)

This movement makes me very happy. It is very dance like. There is an innocense and naivity to it, like someone dancing with absolutely no care of the world around. The main motive gestures of the first section are either contained in the 8th-two 16th note pattern or the straight 16th patterns. The form of this concerto definately resembles that of the Vivaldi concerto grossos. Bach uses ritornello form a bit. The piece starts tutti with running sixteenth notes as the trumpet floats above everyone else with majestic gestures and running sixteenths. The violin and oboe alternate turns at the melodic interest, as well as the recorder, as the ripieno makes statements inbetween the solo work. A very nice melodic sequence occurs between the trumpet and oboe. A phrase is repeated but this time at a softer dynamic. An unexpected but pleasant modulation occurs as the solo instruments make 2 bar motive gestures. The secondary theme is passed on from first the recorder, then to the violin, then to the oboe, and finally the trumpet. The same modulation occurs but this time it is more harmonically centered in the ripieno than the concertino. The solo instruments make gestures fitting into this modulation. The beginning is repeated but with a different dynamic intensity. Immediately the same modulation comes back with the main focus on the running lines of the violin and the oboe. A final statement of the primary theme with a ritardando ends the movement.


Scott Spiegelberg said...

Bach doesn't just use ritornello form "a bit." It rules the whole movement, alternations of the solo instruments with the ritornello strings.

nope said...


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