Thursday, February 10, 2005

What she likes- Evan and Jaron

Oh Evan & Jaron. What a formidable pair. This song is simple and to the point yet very catchy. I find myself humming it at random moments throughout the day. At first Evan lists all the things he knows about the girl he's dating, "She likes the romance, slowdance/ Loves staying out all night/ she likes the Christmas lights all year round/ why put 'em up, take 'em down?/ She watches baseball, hates the mall/ and hangs out with the guys./ That's what I know about what she likes." It's a very repetitive chorus tune but it sticks with ya.
After the bridge, which is a tad different than the rest of the song with a few minor chords (as opposed to the I-IV-V normalcy), they have broken up. Evan lists the things again and as it turns out, this whole list is just a list of things and he really knows NOTHING about what she likes at all. He was sooooo busy making a list of a few things he forgot to look at the bigger picture and realize she was more than just that.
Know it. Love it. Evan & Jaron RULE!

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