Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Thomas Ades- Darknesse Vissible

Written in 1992, this piece is very different from most "classical" pieces that I normally listen to. I am going to define "classical" right now as being anything except for pop, R&B, country, musicals, etc... This piece is very...shall we say lean? It is very transparent, all on piano. There really is no melody, Ades is basically trying to convey emotions through the piano, creating a work that should be listenened to in separate sections with melodies, etc, but rather as a whole sound. He makes shimmering sounds up in the high register of the piano, while adding a bit of bass to give it resonance and to bring out the overtones and harmonics. There really is no set tempo or really even meter. It is very free and esoterical. It is relaxing, but not a piece that one can focus on. Which I guess is the whole point of the piece, not focusing on anything in particular, just the sound of the work as a whole. On the whole it is very soft, although every once in a while a note will slice through the constant resonating sound. Do I like this piece? Well, it is relaxing...but definitely not something I would listen to in my car stereo to make everyone think that I was cool.....hmmmmmm :)

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