Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I need your love- Keno Babbani

Who is Keno Babbani? He is a gorgeous young man that I walked down the aisle with at my cousin's wedding this summer. He is also currently a back-up singer on tour with none other than Weird Al Yankovich. Cool, huh? His true aspiration is to be a singer/songwriter, so my cousin and her fiance invited him to write the song they did their first dance to and it's been my favorite song ever since.
This song is so sincere and simple. Just good ol' Keno and his guitar make for a simple structure. He alternates between strumming entire chords and picking out simple melodies. In the chorus when he says, "I neeeeeeed your love," he builds harmonic tension on the word "need" and we get satisfaction on the word "love." I just gets me every time. I wish you all could listen to this song and then when he's famous you can say you heard him and loved him way back when. I've included the lyrics for your imagination.

I want you to know that I live for you
And maybe, as it goes, I need you too
Remember me and you honor me

I need your love, my darling dear
I need your love, I need you need you

OH, oh all the things I know they're all for you
And so, as it goes, I love you too
And I will remember you and I'll care for you

Mmmmm, Mmm, Ohhhh ohhhh (bridge)
(Chorus- modulate up a little)

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