Tuesday, February 08, 2005

overture to barber of seville

A big tutti chord opens the beginning of the overture. following this, eighth notes are heard in the string section. the first melody doesn't arrive until about a minute into the piece (played by the upper winds and strings). it is a light, soft, and memorable melody, and it reaches harmonic goals every 4, 8, 12, and 16 measures. it is very obvious when the section ends and a new one begins because again, there are two tutti, forte notes that are very stately.
the most famous melody from the barber of seville begins about 2 minutes into the overture. the tempo immediately speeds up and the melody feels much more aggressive than the first. the strings start off, and pass the melody to the upper winds. this part repeats after a half cadence, and ends in a PAC. the next melodic line differs from the first, and the first brass interrupitions are heard.
my favorite melody is heard when this section ends and segues into the next melodic line. the oboe solos and then passes the same line to the french horn. the V/V chords really tease the ears....i love it. more and more voices add on to the melodic line until the previous (and tedious) string melody reappears--but only for a few measures until the oboe/horn/bassoon melody is heard again. the jolly melody segues to a stringendo section, which lets the listener know the end is near.

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