Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bach Brandenburg Concerto no. 3 mvt 1 BWV 1048

I feel joy when I listen to this movement. It definately has dance like qualities and could almost perfectly double as a movement in one of Bach's other genres like the orchestral, french, or dance suites. It is very dance like. It is very very rhtymically driven. The main motivic gesture is that of a quarter note followed by two eighth notes (in cut time). The rhythmic intensity definately gives this piece a drive, but it does not feel forced. Even throughout all the running notes and fast rhythms I still feel relaxed and layed back listening to it. The counter point lines lack the type of ferocity and tenacity expressed in other movements (such as the 3rd). The middle section changes to minor and has a very sullen and dark feel. One can sense the listener feeling an evil. After the main substance of the B section is complete Bach brings back the main motivic and melodic gestures of the A section. However, this does not last, periodically he brings back modal change of the B section and its graveness and intertwines it with the main melody. Then finally the A section melody breaks through and is the only melodic element. This does not last long as Bach uses a terminatory function to end the piece rather quickly.

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