Thursday, February 10, 2005

Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel

This traditional folk song adapted by Simon and Garfunkel has many more verses than they perform in their rendition. This version has only five verses, which all have the same notes and melody. It would probably be very boring to listen to if they hadn't changed each verse in some way. The first verse is played at a soft dynamic level and includes only one voice part. The second verse adds a different accompaniment rhythm and also adds the first part of the canticle, another song, so it's like 2 songs in one. The lines of the canticle are sung after each line of Scarborough Fair. This technique makes the overall texture much thicker than it was originally in the first verse. The third verse continues the Scarborough Fair/Canticle duet, as does the fourth. The accompaniment also stays the same. The fifth and final verse contains only Scarborough Fair lyrics and the texture here is much more like that from the first verse. Overall, I feel like the piece makes a large crescendo/decrecendo, beginning softly and ending in the same manner.

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