Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Au bord de l'eau" By: Fauré

Au bord de l'eau (At the water's edge)

Tranquil, dream-like, and a little mysterious (minor key) are the first feelings given off by this piece. The voice line is very legato, floating with very much ease. The piano for the most part just has block chords and occasionally mimics the singers line. There is a melody that stands out the most which reoccurs throughout the song. In the voice part a V chord is arpeggiated to take the piece up to the highest note in voice part. There isn’t a whole lot of note jumping in this piece. The majority of it is scalar movement, which gives it the very flowing, dream-like feeling. In what I heard to be the “B” section the piano begins to become much more active. Arpeggiating chords and copying the voice line much more in the treble line and keeping blocked chords in the left hand. Towards the end I noticed something sounding different and I belief that there is a mode change where it momentarily changes into the major key (b minor to B major).

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