Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Accidentally in Love....Counting Crows

Dear Diary,

I heart the Counting Crows. I know VH1's "i love the 90's, part deux" slammed them pretty well...but I think everyone can agree that the Counting Crows are a well deserved landmark in our pre-teen years.

So this song is your typical light-hearted diddy that makes girls and boys alike smile and tap their unsuspecting feet. Unsuspecting, you ask? Unsuspecting of WHAT?? The answer is this: unsuspecting at how simply the counting crows have managed to grasp my attention and my ear...and in heart. It's true, I heart the Counting Crows.

They use the simple progression of I-IV-I-IV-vi-ii-IV-I for the entire verse with the chorus being I-ii-IV-V. Not the most musically advanced progression (if you ask me) but still a compelling one. Their guitar riff that drew me in (me-re-re-do-do-re) is not particularly catchy, or even inventive. They just started playing, and the whole world sang along (in Shrek 2) !!! THEY WRITE THE SONGS THAT MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD SING!!!.....NOT BARRY MANILOW!!

Their lyrics are very honest, quoting a conversation (that most people can probably relate to at one point or another in their lives). Over all I appreciate the simple honesty of this song, and of the Counting Crows in general. I think I have a theme going on of simple honesty...(food for thought).

That's right. The Crows would kick Barry Manilow's ass anyday of the week. There. I'm done.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting side note, Barry Manilow didn't even write the song "I Write the Songs." In fact, it was written by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. So he obviously doesn't write the songs that make the whole world sing, he just sings them and adds cheesy key changes.