Sunday, February 06, 2005

"Ice Cream", Sarah Mclachlan

I love this song. Let's just start off with that. I'm currently listening to a live version. The song starts with a screaming audience (so of course the listener feels like they should like immediately like the song too) above a syncopated drum pattern. Simple chords come in on a rhythm guitar with the lyrics of "do do do do do" and other random sounds. Its very relaxed, and I find it to be very calm--in a very 'real' sense. I mean really, what sound do we sing more than 'do'? I feel like Sarah was just trying to be really honest with this song--lighthearted, and easy to relate to. She then says "Your love is better than ice cream". Let me tell you something--we girls love our ice cream...and so to say that someone is better than ice cream--well that's a big compliment. --but again, Sarah is being real-I can relate to her feelings on ice cream, so I in turn feel like I can relate to her feelings about this person's love.

Tonally the piece feels sort of ambiguous at times. The song is in a major key, but many of the phrases end on a ii7. This (to me) implies a half cadence, the V is implied, i guess. The guitar breaks between verses and choruses are your typical I-ii7-V. Anyway, I love it that she doesn't really resolve it during the verses. The song seems like a bunch of random thoughts, half-thoughts even, and she just started playing chords. We then break into another chorus of "do do dos". How great is this?

So yeah, I like Sarah Mclachlan, I like ice cream, and I like this song. I feel like she's honest and real...and those are things that I can admire in a singer.

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