Monday, April 11, 2005

Yellow card Ocean's Avenue, "Believe."

This piece is a combination of expected commercialized rock and unexpected folk violin. It starts with violin that sounds like it could be part of a barnyard dance song. Then an obnoxious electric guitar enters with drums. After this vigorous introit, the male vocalist enters. He sings a double period with all three first phrases identical and ending on HCs and the last different, and ending on a PAC. This is a very basic pattern (kinda expected from a rock singer), that would be easy for anyone to sing along to. The chorus does the same pattern only with different pitches. During the chorus there is another instrumental interlude with the three staple instruments. There are three verses and three choruses. (Wow, there's a lot of threes!) The last chorus is the most upbeat. The violin plays throughout this entire chorus. It ends by the violin, electric guitar, and drums emphasizing the "melody" by playing the same melodic and rhythmic structure as it with the new timbres, texture, density, and dynamics of their individual instruments.

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