Monday, April 11, 2005

In Christ Alone

As it is Sunday...or rather now Monday, but i'm still in the Monday mood...I thought i would do this song by newsboys. I'm really not much of a Christian music listener, but I do like the Newsboys. I really like this song and could listen to it over and over again. I think it has a nice mix between electric guitar bass and drums, and a beautiful piano line. The solo voice is a tenor male voice, and i think the melody line works very well with the rest of the music. The guitar does so neat vibrato and other cool effects to enhance the layering of the music. The form of this song is Chorus Verse, CV, CV, Bridge, and then CV and a Coda. This song doesn't particularly inspire me persay, but I do think it is really pretty and I like it a lot. An we'll hope that tis will actually post instead of going to the "page cannot be displayed" page....

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