Friday, April 15, 2005

mozart symphony no. 9 -mvt I

This movent is in C major and in a triple meter. It starts off with long notes as the melodic gesture and a lot of dynamic contrast. The trumpets play an inverted pedal tone as the mode changes and the dynamics change. 16th note patterns are passed throughout the strings and this section repeats. Many sforzandos are played. Deceptive cadences occurr throughout. There is the use of harpsichord. The violins tend to have the melody in 3rds. The beginning of the phrase is repeated again but this time it takes a different turn into the minor. Oboe duet interruptions are heard as 16th notes dominate the strings. The gesture of long notes that are passed from register to regsiter and instrument to instrument in different keys and textures seems to be the focus of this movement. This slow harmonic motion is interrupted by furious runs of 16th notes and a cadential one-six-four to a five. Timpani adds color. I'm tired.

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