Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Secret Garden-"dreamcatcher"

begins with the voice, the one refrain:

(Secret Garden
by Nikki Matheson)

Hear my silent prayer
Heed my quiet call
When the dark and blue surround you
Step into my sigh
Look inside the light
You will know that I have found you

Then a musical interlude ensues with a different, but complimentary melody with two major gestures, one which follows somewhat after the verse's melody. On its reprisal for the second time it returns and develops into a new melody in the major (as it started out in minor)--the melody carried by a violin. The melody returns a third time in the piano, and its compliment as well, and repeats itself again (with compliment), and again...

The voice repeats with a drone beneath.

Her voice is soft, almost like a whisper. She ends on a re, and so the piece is left unresolved. I love the words.

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