Sunday, April 10, 2005

"all I want", Karrin Allyson

I tried to send another of her songs on friday morning, and didn't send it right away-it wouldn't let me publish it, and was erased! Technology...oh well.

Karrin Allyson is one of my favorite jazz vocalists because she's redone a lot of old songs (joni mitchell, billy joel, carole king, the list goes on and on) as well as standard jazz songs and makes them her own. She and her band also are very eclectic in their tastes, and embraces french and brazilian musical traditions as well.

"All I want" begins in 2/4 with a very syncopated feel with the piano and shakers- a very latin feel. The phrasing is a little difficult to hear. She starts singing after the 1st phrase (4 measures), and the piano and shakers are still playing the same groove under her The first phrase is a double parallel, symmetric period.
The chorus starts to pick up w/ a cymbal crash and the drumset playing. The piano has a great melodic line on this part; the guitar also comes in with a cool solo. The guitar solo uses a lot of sequences. I feel like this is a developmental part. The next verse and final chorus are the same. There are a few quick modulations throughout the song (really quick modulations) but it stays in the same key throughout the whole thing. As the song is ending and fading out, she starts improvising with "woos, doo's, etc. Great song! hopefully this wont be erased!

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