Thursday, April 14, 2005

#19 Si puer cum puellula- Carmina Burana

This is an all male movement of the piece which is very sectional. The bass/baritones sing the opening line which is their only melodic pattern throughout the whole song. It is staccato eighth notes staying on b minor chord. It a very monotone speaking feeling...then the tenor come in with a dotted syncopated rhythm that only has two words for its text where as the bass had multiple words. These two ideas keep alternating until there is a baritone solo.. This is by far the most interesting melodic idea that has been presented so far in the piece. After this first little bass solo, the bass/baritone line gets more interesting allowing a little more motion and the main chord has changed from a b minor to a d major chord. This next baritone solo is crazy..the first interval is almost a two octave jump... from a f above middle c, to a low b...the b then starts an arpeggiation of the b minor chord. and then back up to the high f. After this solo is done, the bass/baritone line mimick what the soloist just did, then forms it back into their old staccato eighth note thing... then the tenors come back in after a long break and end with their syncopated rhythm on a d major chord. short fast piece...that keeps a lot of repeatition, but cool baritone solo...

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