Tuesday, April 12, 2005

passacaglia in c minor- BACH

I know we all had to work on this, but I thought that it was really cool. It was almost like a game trying to find the motive and then picking out all the varations as I listened. The passacaglia theme was passed throughout the piece 20 times and Bach managed to still make it interesting and never boring even with such a simple bass line.
My favorite part of the piece was definately when the right and left hand played together for one of the first times during the piece and the passacaglia was kind of hidden in there but you could still hear it peeking out every now and then.
It was almost kind of an etude on rhythm with all of the different variations going from dotted eighths to eigths to sixteenths and so on, and surprisingly even though almost every cadence was either an AC or PAC, they never got boring because Bach kept changing the textures... how cool.

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