Thursday, April 14, 2005

Najwa Karam's "Lailet Ma Kan Mashe"

This piece begins with a very carribean rhythm. Then it is has some indigenous instruments that sound out of tune. A female vocalist enters and sings with very interesting ornmentation that sounds very mediteranean. Then a group of vocalists responds to her parallel period. She sings again by herself until one of the instruments begins its own solo section. It does a descending sequence motive until it passes the melody to another instrument. The second instrumentalist ends on a PAC. The vocalist comes in again and has a conversation singing with the chorus singers. She sings two verses that sound very different melodically but similar rhythmically. The instruments come in again. This time it sounds like snake charming music and I can almost imagine belly dancing. The female vocalist finally ends with an extended cadential section that fades into the background.

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