Thursday, April 14, 2005

"steven's last night in town," Ben Folds

The beginning has an exciting beginning, with a clarinet sliding up the register, and settling on , playing a quarter note melodic line descending chromatic leading tones. The trumpets come in with the main melody-after the first period (8 measure) ben starts singing-the drumset's playing a 50's rock and roll rhythm during the verse, nothing else. The chorus happens, and the backup vocals start in-the clarinet is playing the descending melodic line in the background again. The bridge features this really sweet violin solo, after a brief, very ornamented clarinet solo, and then the backup vocals start in-it's a very big band sound.
After the bridge on the 3rd verse, a bass clarinet starts in.

The ending is very long-very big band-esque again. When he finally sings "last night in town" he holds the word town for almost 8 measures, and then the clarinet comes in exactly like the beginning. It ends with the exact same a section.

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