Thursday, April 14, 2005

'the divine one' singing: quiet nights of quiet stars

quiet nights of quiet stars (corcovado)
sarah vaughan
frank foster's orchestra

the piece starts off with a very mellow guitar into, the percussion comes in, on a guiro in fact, among other things, in a nice latin groove. sarah's smooth voice makes such a fabulous line for the melody. other random instruments come in with their little rifs...but they just make a flowing background. it's like sarah's singing in the midst of all this fluttery chaos and she sticks to her guns and keeps singing.

this is such a beautiful piece. i think frank got a little ambitious with his orchestra, they're a little over powering at times...or maybe i just want to hear sarah singing more. she tags the opening line but this time entirely changes the melody and ends on a sigh. "hmm" the sigh just conveys the total satisfaction sarah must have from singing such a great tune, and it sort of sets me at as wonderful :)

i didn't realize that there are so many people that are not familiar with the divine miss sarah vaughan...but if you're not...go listen to her! the library has several discs, and you can find her performing with dizzy, charlie, freddie webster, and the john kirby band. she sings with big bands, orchestras, and she has a trio that is fabulous. there-that's my plug for sarah...and she plays some jazz piano as well! she played second piano in the earl hines band. she's amazing.

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