Friday, April 15, 2005

counting crows...all my friends

this is my roommate's pick of the day.
i enjoy listening to the counting crows--the lead singer has kind of a piercing voice, but is somewhat soothing. this particular song is cool because the instrumentation is pretty thick. there are guitars, string instruments (perhaps mimiced by a synthesizer) and a keyboard as well as vocals. the song starts off very mellow, but gradually increases as the refrain approaches, with the help of a descending chromatic line. i think that really spurs anticipation on the listener's part. once the climax is hit, the melodic line softens again, and a new verse is started. there is a nice instrumental interlude and some improvised vocal lines that are interesting--otherwise the song is pretty straightforward. and with that i think i need to go to bed. but hey, at least i blogged...

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