Friday, March 04, 2005

Tchaikovsky symphony no. 4 mvt III

Of course this famous movement starts off with pizzicato throughout the strings. There is somewhat of a joking or sarcastic mood. The seriousness has somewhat worn off since the first and second movement. Much sequencing of scaluar patterns takes place between the section. There is a very strong sense of dialogue, each section finishing the sentence of the section before it. The phrase repeats back to the beginning. The oboe comes in with a long note heralding the B section. This section is mostly dominated by the woodwinds. The flute has the melody as the other woodwind instruments accompany this. The melody goes from the flute to the piccolo. A new section comes in with soft playing by the low brass and trumpets as they outline the general harmonic framework of what the A section entails. This section with the brass I would consider to be transitory to A section since it is similar harmonically. The A section then comes back identically to when it first occured. A woodwind choir comes in and starts to echo vs the string choir. A development occurs on the harmonic scheme as it is modulated up by step and step. It leads to the forshadowing of certain harmonic events in the last movement. The brass come back in for just a few moments recalling what they played earlier. The piece winds down in texture and dynamic but not tempo.

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