Friday, March 04, 2005

Solo Que Me Das- Chenoa

This is the first time that I've ever heard anything by this spanish artist, and I actually was really surprised by it. One of the biggest things I think of when I hear European music is the fact that most of it tries to incorporate characteristics native to the specific country, for example, Indian pop music often has pop lyrics going over a line more characteristic of the country's style, using traditional instruments and rhythms.
This song starts out sounding like a big band, with the bass playing a walking line, and then the kind of cheesy big band sound that I talked about in the Michael Buble song that I wrote about a few weeks ago... It then goes into a very dramatic, flamenco type of melody over the jazz-like background so its cool that the artist chose to mix those two styles.
It really caught my attention when my room mate told me that she was going to put in a CD by a Spanish artist and then the first thing I hear is this characteristic American sound when I was waiting to hear clapping, and dance-like rhythms and drums.

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