Thursday, March 03, 2005

Solskin in E Major by Gade

This piece makes me think of a hobo rummaging for food in Nantucket. "Why?" You might ask. The piece sounds very simple and light. It lilts along as though life is peachy never grasping for any unusual harmonic progressions or rhythms but yet, even with this deceiving appearance of serenity, it lacks direction and motivation. Thus, it is like a hobo hiding in the streets, creating something imperfect in the seemingly picturesque and "perfect" cape cod community of Nantucket. I think it is rounded binary form because I hear the contrast between sections and the return of the A section but the B section doesn't sound independent enough to stand alone. The phrases are very short. I think it is open because the A section seems to continue straight into the B section without ever feeling finalized.

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