Friday, March 04, 2005

Let's Push by The Streets

The gist of this piece comes down to two notes (electronic) being pounded into your head repeatedly just about constantly for the entire length of the song. The most interesting, most musical part of the song is the trumpet, but even that is limited to the same short melody repeated at different points during the song, along with some bass accompaniment and more strange electronic additions. During the verses, the vocals are annoying and blend right into the atmosphere of the piece because it sounds more like slow rapping/talking rather than singing and because there's a lot of rhyming going on. The choruses, however, are actual singing but they aren't melodically appealing to me. The end catches the listener unawares. It is very abrupt - without a satisfying terminative section. I think this song could work if something stood out, but as it is, everything in it is repetitive and monotonous to listen to. The lyrics are somewhat interesting and I think this is what seems most likely to be able to stand out, but the repeating line endings bore me because it fits into the cliche technique and rap categories and that's just not cool.

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