Friday, March 04, 2005

Forever; Jesse and the Rippers

That's right, ladies---a flashback to Full House, and more importantly: Uncle Jesse. Oh how I loved you, John Stamos.

The piece begins with a few lone drum beats. After the anticipation, Jesse and the Rippers break out into their power chords and wailing guitar solos (which aren't that hard if you listen to them)(not hard at all). After a 4 bar intro, Uncle Jesse begins crooning with his back-up singers singing "ooh, aah, wa wa wa wa, forever, forever" The back-ups remind me of the beach boys. Ironic being that often the Beach Boys were featured on Full House.

This is your epitome of a power ballad--the guitar breaks sound really hard-core...but then all of a sudden we're taken back to a solo guitar playing over some percussion. Two voices come in singing the opening motive one more time. Things pick up and we're back to our power chords and the oh-so-moving lyrics of "na na na na na" followed by a few "forevers".

The very end quickly breaks to a piano and John Stamos, i mean Uncle Jesse singing with a bit of glottal fry. Here are some lyrics, though, that I quite enjoy:

"If every word I said could make you laugh I'd talk forever.
I asked the sky what we had, ooooh, it showed forever.
If the song I'd sing to you would fill your heart with joy I'd sing forever.

Forever, Forever
I've been so happy loving you"

*sigh* hope that gave you something nice to think about for a while :)


Minnie Mouse said...

Excuse me Your Highness-
I have already blogged about this song...are you COPYING ME!?! Next are you going to be blogging about LFO? Geeezzzz...If I were Prince German Augmented Sixth (which I am not...) I would be soooo turned off by your lack of creativity right now. UGH.

Anonymous said...

Irony this is not. The song is a cover of a Beach Boys song!!! If you're going to write about music, understand the music!

Anonymous said...

Also John Stamos actually played drums for the Beach Boys.