Friday, March 04, 2005

"American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz

So I'm sitting here at my computer, and it's 2 am. Really early. I've been up all night studying. I need a life. I'll make this review short and sweet, cuz I'm a tired dog tonight.
Anyway, who ever said remakes are always bad, (American Pie what?). I actually prefer the Kravitz version of this song. It's got a lot more spunk and distortion than it's predecessor. Heather Graham helps too... Moving right along, this song is extremely recognizable. 2 seconds into the song and anyone who hasn't lived in a bunker for the past 4 decades will know what this song is. The guitar riff that permeates the texture throughout the entire piece is fairly simple and short. The entire chorus is built up around this one riff. Not too much variety. Removal of guitar, and distortion are simple ways this song varies. Even more simple is the bass beat driving the song along. One, and three is the bass, and forms the basic rhythm for the entire song. Another good mix is the guitar solo in the middle of the song. It allows Lenny to rock out a little. I wish they had the minute long guitar intro that The Guess Who originally included. Bummer dude.
The best part of this song are the lyrics.
Don't come hanging around my door, Don't want to see your face no more, I don't need your war machines, I don't need your ghetto scenes, Colored lights can hypnotize, Sparkle someone else's eyes,
Now woman Get away American woman Listen what I say, American woman Stay away from me, American woman, Mama let me be
Some how the lyrics are about a scathing commentary on America's imperialistic attitude at the time of the Vietnam War. The Guess Who are Canadian. Weird huh? I always thought American Woman was about how mean girls are? Seriously, has anyone met my ex-girlfriend? They would understand why I connect with this song so much...sheesh. Peace out everyone.

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