Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by Aselin Debison

Something about a little kid singing Somewhere over the rainbow is just so cute I can't help but smile. We start with an interesting accompaniment, a nice synth sound that sounds like a carnival organ for the beginning introduction, next we have a an acoustic guiat coming in, really lending an island/calypso feel to the piece. Aselin comes in with her pure tone with oohs, just riffing a little improvised melody over the chord progression (I'm sure everyone knows the song.) This intro continues until we meld seamlessly into the lyrics. Now the melody is a little different in this version, she starts a little higher and comes down into the "way up high." After this it sounds very familiar, with little melodic liberties taken, adding a fresh perspective to the song. When we get to the bridge, a string section slowly builds behind her. She takes small rhythmic motions and extends them out, skying out the notes for "that's where you'll find...ME." Her high notes won't appeal to everyone, she can be rather breathy, but I feel they compliment the peaceful nature we've been creating throughout. her over accentuation of some of the ending consonants add this child-like playfulness to the piece. After this bridge we come down into the "I see trees of green" of What a Wonderful World. This transition works so well, since the chord progression is nearly identical. As this comes in we finally get a low bass coming in, sneaking in and really filling out the sound. She continues to sing with her own flair, I especially love the "I like...the dark of night" in her throatier alto range. I'm amazed by this young girl's incredible versatility, there is almost no passagio as she floats up and down for each section. We slide back into Somewhere... as she skies back up to "Someday I'll wish upon a star" returning to the bridge again and transition into a final chorus. We fade away the way we entered, with the improvisational ooohs leading the way to the fadeout. Absolutely beautiful piece, lifted my spirits immensely.

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