Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Contrapunctus 1, Andante sostenuto

Canadian Brass

I had a nice blog written for this one, but it got deleted, so I'll make this brief. I counted four voices, which is a problem because there are five players in the Canadian Brass, and eight repetitions of the subject. The subject is characterized by 5 quarters, two eights, and a quarter tied to four sixteenths, the eights and sixteenths shaping the phrases. The entire few stays in the same minor key, and the solfege of the subject is do-me-re-do-ti-do-re-me-fa-me-re-do. I liked this piece because the brass blended well together. The terminative function is characterized by a rest on all voices, higher density, and foreign rhythms. It ends on an IAC.

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