Sunday, April 03, 2005

"The Green Groves of Erin/ The Flowers of Red Hill by Edgar Meyer

Sorry this is late. I'm trying to catch up with work I missed now. This is an awesome piece. It's one of those pieces that gets under your skin and makes you want to dance. It starts with a very upbeat tempo with double bass. It plays a 4 measure phrase that first ascends then descends and repeats. The cello is playing mellow, long drawn out chords over it. Then the double bass changes the main theme to something with faster rhythms while the cello continues with its long tones that make the piece as smooth as satin until the cello seems to get jealous that the bass is getting all the attention so it picks up in intensity as well. Then the violin takes over the "satin" tones. The bass and cello change harmony in unison and seem to be pulling and pushing against each other harmonically and rhythmically. Then out of no where the whole group turns into something that sounds like it came right out of an Irish pub. The violin plays fiddle tunes over the boom-chucks of the lower strings. Then the violin modulates. Eventually the violin plays double stops and lets the cello and bass take turns driving the dance tune. This entire section is repeated. The second time it is slighty varied as the bass playing big booming tones in a very low register. All come to a crashing stop after big fast rhythmic chords in unison. The second form sounds like a repeated simple bianary form. I'm not sure what the first section was in relation to the rest.

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