Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Elton John- Your Song

Piano accompaniment simply provides the progression using arpeggiated chords. It blocks a chord at the beginning of each subphrase, making the structural divisions very clear. Once the chord is played, the voice follows immediately and pauses again at the end of the subphrase. Each sentence in the lyrics is divided up between two subphrases and makes up one complete phrase, usually with antecedent-consequent. Each stanza includes four subphrases and ends on a cadence. The Structural parts are divided by stanzas. The A stanza repeats twice with different words, and then the B part serves as the main chorus. The B part develops the A with a variation of the contour, while steal maintaining the same type of structural division and accompaniment. The A then repeats 2 cycles once again with two different sets of words. The B chorus comes back again and then a terminative section similar to the end of B closes out the piece.

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