Friday, April 08, 2005

Incredible Hulk

Ok....I think this is finally going to work! yay! This piano solo is the theme song for the Incredible Hulk series from the 70's. First of all, I will state that I believe this is one of the most beautiful piano solos ever. It is in minor and is so open and pure. I thought of this solo because Richard O'brien the man who wrote Rocky Horror, used this solo in RHPS. I like to play this theme on a piano if i am listening to its tuning and the pureness of the intercvals. This is an ABA form piece and can be played in any minor key. I play it in c minor, but it was in in g minor in RHPS. The bass is interesting b/c it decends chromatically while the right hand stays put. The B section is different and is much more sonorous chord wise. Besides the chromatic bass line in the A section, there really are not many accidentals. It is very open and pure. Can I just say that I love this piece??? Listen to it!!! peace out

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