Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Libera me- Faure's Requiem

Faure Requiem- Libera me
This is my favorite section from this requiem. Its amazing!! Well anyways it starts off with an amazing baritone solo (maybe that’s why I like it so much)..humm… well, the beginning accompaniment is a very sustained chord progression with a very strict and underlying rhythm which give the piece a forward moving push playing on the 12 rest 412 rest 412...so that you always have the beat four pushing you into the next measure. This solo is a prayer to God, praying that on the day of judgment when I die, please lord bring me to heaven so what I won’t have to suffer any longer.

When the choir starts there is a piano dynamic that gives you a feeling of the people being helpless, and really pleading. As the dynamics grow it gets to the highest point when they are expressing their fear and dread of the wrath that will come down on the earth.

Second favorite point…
Double forte.. “Day of trial, day of judgment, death and destruction, torment and distress……..” The brass in the orchestra are really making the stage tremble and the organ is growing while the choir doesn’t have much note motion, just consistent notes really stressing and keep strong emphasis the strong beats.

Then, the choir sings the solo that the baritone had in the beginning…all unison, and trying to create the same feeling as the one voice..dynamics are down, only growing towards the end…then the baritone comes back in for a few measures to say.. “lord, I pray deliver me from death everlasting” the the choir on a very soft last phrase… I like how he does this…all unison on a d for “deliver”… then major..that’s right..a D major chord for “me”..then a minor iv on “lord, I”..then d minor for “pray” with a dynamic little swell at then end…


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