Thursday, April 07, 2005

"Procession of the Nobles" by Rimsky-Korsakov

This piece is a fun little programmatic piece about well, read the title.The piece has a common rhythimic motive of eighth note ten sixteenth notes in a 3/4 which helps give the piece a noble nature as does beginning with a brass fanfare and focusing on the intervals of fourths and fifths like a horn call would do. There is no traditional chord progression with all smooth voice leading and whatnot, they change quite suddenly with some of the cadences just being unison sol-dos. The piece turns into a more traditional march like feeling when the woodwinds enter and take over with a similar melody but is more scalar while the brass accompany on three and one with a more traditional voice leading prodecdure. Later on in this section the accompaniment does some fun syncopated bits and it ends with a big timpani solo serving to terminate and establish tonic chord.The piece then moves into a softer section with a "walking bass" like line on every beat, though there is no bass player. This moves into another fanfare like section with some overlapping parts that have the melody in fourths which gives an ancient noble feeling to the music and another section of the brass providing the strong accompaniment to the woodwinds and another timpani solo.The piece then moves into a trio like section that flows much more with some two sixteenth quarter eighth quarter rhythms. This doesn't feel totally like a trio though because the original rhythmic comes back constantly and there are also some very loud parts. Eventually the fanfare comes in again just like in the beginning but this time the woodwind section is accompanied by just tambourine and low brass and then the brass take it over being accompanied by cymbals and timpani and low brass. Then there are some very pretty eigth note descending lines in the brass that lead to one last timpani solo.

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