Monday, April 04, 2005

Intro et Rondo Capricciosa- Saint Saens

This piece is very exciting form its great variation in material. The composer employs many structural phenomena to add a great deal of interest and variation to the shifting sections. He combines changes in tempo, rhythm, meter, dynamics, texture, density, register, timbre, and tonality not only to provide clear structural sensations to the piece, but also to significantly alter the mood of the piece and add interest to repeating motives. One section may be very slow, simple, elongated, soft, have a minor key, and therefore create a very pensive and melancholy. Then the section will bring in a full blown orchestra and the violins will play loud, fast, harsh pizzicato, in a major key and a much higher range. .As indicated by the title, the piece is in Rondo form and contains several transitions in themes and sections. It begins with an intro that is unrelated to the rest of the piece. It begins with a motive, develops the idea for a bit, and goes back to the original material. Then the main melody of the piece come in and is repeated a few times before going onto another idea, usually one that is slower and more relaxed. It then returns to the melody, then presents another new idea, then back again, and so on. Each time the main melodic motive comes back, it usually changes its quality, mostly changing in dynamics, density, or texture.

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