Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"aimun" by Bela Fleck

This song is from their "Outbound" album from 2000. This song uses vocals, the three vocals being Royel (futureman) on lead vocals, Shawn Colvin, and jon Anderson. The instrumentation usesbanjo, bass, the drumitar, tenor sax and alto flute (both played by the saxophonist), a b-3 organ (?!), tabla, and...electric guitar animals...as you can see, it's kind of out of the ordinary, and very cool.

The time signature is in 7/8, and starts with this very energetic, firey tabla and banjo duet intro. On the fifth measure, the drumitar, saxophone and organ start in. Vocals come in after the second period (measure 17), singing with the banjo and saxophone

The bridges to the chorus from verse are interesting because the rhythm from the sections divides, it feels like the tempo slows (for some reason it makes it kind of gospel-feely...) because the running 16th notes become 8th note patterns. Then it the running sixteenths come back for the chorus, which gives it a more energetic feel.

Right in the middle of the song is an instrumental section, and it spotlights the banjo and the bass. I never would've thought of putting an organ in this song, but it really adds to the timbre. The banjo has this continuous descending motive throughout the intrumental section.
Towards the very ending, the voices begin to use sort of a call and response thing, with the three voices constantly overlapping (kind of fugue-like). The ending is very abrupt...

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