Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Serenade - Schubert

This piece has a really strong melancholic emotion to it. It's kept steady by the ongoing broken chords in the piano part and propelled forward by the dotted rhythms and ornamentation and by the parts where the piano adds an echo or bit of the melody on top of the broken chords. There are a lot of transitions to and from the parallel minor key. The piece starts off in minor in the flute's low octave, switches over to the major key, then back to the minor for a repeat of the initial section in the high octave. I really enjoyed the dynamics in the piece. The piano crescendoed and decrescendoed its groups of chords and when it entered with an echo of the flute part or a bit of the melody, it was suddenly louder. The flute's dynamics seemed to follow the line of the music, although there seemed to be less dynamic changes when in the high octave.

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