Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Little Night Music mvt II

Two gentle strokes start the piece off as the violins sing a luscious melody above the orchestra with the viola adding an undulating 8th note pattern. It is very graceful. It makes me smile every time I hear it. The melody repeats. The B section is again dominated by the violin and has more of a cadenza like feel. The A theme returns in the orginal key for a bar but then is modulated up a half step. The melody of the B section is repeated again. A more agressive phrase jumps out at the end. The b section of the B section. is more dance like and is separated with a little peckyness. It's almost like the abnoxious kid grabbing at your leg at this dinner party. This section is in minor and has a more austere quality. A motivic theme is developed and passed around from string to string. The A section comes back in all its glory and ends a statement. A more frivolous and wondering, even nomadic, section begins. Constant 8th notes are played throughout the quartet as little 2 bar gestures take the interest. The A section melody then comes back again, more luscious than ever. Large and more ferocious chords are played signaling finality as the composer gets one last chance to again reminise on the main melody.


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