Sunday, March 13, 2005

lovers and lawyers...the good life

so my roommate was playing this song--it's one that we frequently listen to.
it's pretty upbeat and it kind of reminds me of robots--it's a little bit clangy and techno. the chord progressions are simple, but the melody isn't, exactly. i swear to god i even heard the lead singer sing a tritone at one point.
the structure of the piece is fairly simple too. it is in ternary form, ABA; the b section contrasts from the A and the return of the A after the b is almost exactly the same as the beginning section, and it does return to the same key.
the a section is a parallel period, with two phrases, the first ending in a half cadence and the second ending in a PAC.
the b section has a similar structure, but modulates to a key that does not sound like the dominant...sometimes it's hard to tell with pop music.

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