Tuesday, March 15, 2005

JEFF SCOTT- Homage to Duke

This piece for woodwind quintet is amazing. It was performed by the Imani winds today at their masterclass, and the only word to describe it is amazing. The horn player of the group, jeff scott, composed this piece as a tribute to Duke Ellington. Specifically the little known sacred works that he wrote in his seventies. The piece is amazingly dynamic, with rich textures that reminded me of water. There would be a smooth surface, all of the voices going different directions and doing something different, but every now and then there would be a wave of sound and a particular voice would come out of the texture.
The performers were extremely interactive with one another, and it helped their musicality SO much throughout the performance of the piece.
There was a section with a jazz-like bassoon bass line, with the flute and the oboe playing what resembled a gregorian chant over it, and this was just so cool.
I can't wait until the concert tonight so I can buy their CD.

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