Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So I tried to submit my blog, and it didn't. Instead it just deleted my work....ARGH!
Anyway, this second attempt will be shorter than the first. I saw Libertango tonight, it was performed by the Imani Winds.
I really enjoyed this piece. I have a special place in my heart for the tango. It is a crazy, seductive dance with a really cool meter. After a short fanfarish beginning, the tango sets in. The bassoon and french horn start the beat with a 12312312 rhythm. 8/8 maybe? Hard to tell. None the less...it was hott. That underlying bass rhythm permeates the entire piece, while the other instruments jam on top. The exotic meter and flavor of instruments definately lends itself to the tango feel.
On top of this is lies the Liber part of libertango. We have a free jazz improvised melody soaring above the tango. You gotta dig the flute and bassoon solos. They were incredible. I wish I could tell you more about this piece, but I have had one listen to it, and I'm relying on my first impression to write this blog. I can describe this piece as a dance song, that you can't dance to. It's got it's tango rhythm, but it much more jazzy than tango-y? Nonetheless it's really cool, and I encourage everyone to listen to a recording of it, or explore more Astor Piazolla music. The best part of the piece was at the end with the return of the fanfare-ish part, the horn rips as loud as he can to end the piece.

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