Wednesday, March 16, 2005

George Moustaki - Ma Solitude

The guitar hits three chords in the intro, the third being the same as the first and the fourth the same as the second, though Moustaki starts singing on the fourth chord/measure (which is the same as the second chord what I feel to be a IV6). I hear a minor third in the base, and the first chord definitely feels like tonic, and I would say the second is a IV6. The piece is strophic with three verses and three refrains. The refrain is just one period of two phrases. Here I've marked some of what I think the cadences are. Basically what he's singing about is that in his life, he has known one thing to remain faithful and constant--solitude. He refers to it even as a lover, and says that if he were ever to take another lover, that his solitude would still remain with him and would remain with him for the rest of his life. I really like Moustaki, because he seems more mature in a lot of his themes, a wise and resigned type. His melodies are very mellow, his songs gentle. I particularly like this one because of the way he treats solitude, personifying it, validating it. I can identify with it.

Pour avoir si souvent dormi
Avec ma solitude (IAC)
Je m'en suis fait presqu'une amie
Une douce habitude (mod, HC)
Ell' ne me quitte pas d'un pas
Fidèle comme une ombre (HC? ti feel)
Elle m'a suivi ça et là
Aux quatre coins du monde (HC)

Non, je ne suis jamais seul (HC)
Avec ma solitude (IAC)

(rest same as first verse and refrain):

Quand elle est au creux de mon lit
Elle prend toute la place
Et nous passons de longues nuits
Tous les deux face à face
Je ne sais vraiment pas jusqu'où
Ira cette complice
Faudra-t-il que j'y prenne goût
Ou que je réagisse?

Non, je ne suis jamais seul
Avec ma solitude

Par elle, j'ai autant appris
Que j'ai versé de larmes
Si parfois je la répudie
Jamais elle ne désarme
Et si je préfère l'amour
D'une autre courtisane
Elle sera à mon dernier jour
Ma dernière compagne
Non, je ne suis jamais seul

Avec ma solitude
Non, je ne suis jamais seul
Avec ma solitude

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