Sunday, March 13, 2005

Russell Watson- The Majic of Love

Ok, so I’m not going to do any preaching this time around. I’m just going to talk about the magic of love- the song, that is. This song is fairly simple but very beautiful and nostalgic. The piece mixes between solo and two voices the instrumental follows the voices and serves strictly to accompany and provide the harmonic structure. The rotation of a more popsy voice, an operatic voice, and a duet, adds “magic” to the repetitious melody and helps to make structural divisions clear. A good portion of this piece resembles a ternary form. What I perceive as the A section repeats exact motives, with two sub phrases in between. There are no conclusive cadences in this section and it is therefore a phrase group. The piece then moves in a different direction, beginning the B section, but there is little change in material, so it is developmental. It is very short and could almost be perceived as a transition. Then a new more operatic voice comes in a higher register and repeats the A section again. These three small sections make up a larger Binary form. Then the B section introduces a new idea. The new section is cued by change in density and texture, with an echo effect and then harmonic thirds created by two voices, and also an absence of the motive. Then there is another section with the operatic voice that is again independent from everything else. And then finally the A section returns very softly with the popsy voice alone, and then the operatic voice joins to terminate the piece.

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