Monday, May 02, 2005

Shostakovich symphony no. 5 -mvt II

the movment starts off with a bass and cello soli obscuring the beat. tehre is a very dark and russian atmosphere. we then start the feel the meter as the winds play some stable rhythms. there is a lovely basoon duet. the strings come in and play a little more frivously. then we go into a strict waltz tempo. the basses walk up and down as the winds play shrill in the upper register. a powerful horn call restates the atmosphere. the strings are playing the melody that is a bit off axis. there is a dimuendo and thinner orchestration as a solo violin winds us down. then the flute comes in and plays the solo verbatim. then the strings come in unison forte and very agressively. the winds then come in and play the same agrresive passage. the strings play undulataing scales while the winds play a more detached style. the bassoons then come in and play the same meloyd that was played at the beginning by the low strings. this whole section is a repeat from the beginning though orchestrated differently. there are winds and pizzicato strings for a mysteriously light sensation. the loud tutti comes in while the interest lie in the winds as the bass have counterpoint. the trumpets then come replacing the horn call. the meloyd is then repeated in the strings and crescendos to a return of the horn call. then there is an oboe solo like that of the violin earlier, though slightly altered. then there is a race to the finish as a shout chorus is heard ff as very aggressive.

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