Monday, May 02, 2005

peel me a grape

So, i'm listening to diana krall sing this, right now. i'm singing this with the combo, and it's just such a great song!

it's really laid back, and my favorite part is that the melody comes in on the and of 1 in every measure. the melody (sol-me-do-fa) is so great, and always gets stuck in my head.

at the bridge the rhythm is much more strict, almost in a spoken manner and the melody changes too. ( and then we go back to our (sol-me-do-fa). ooooh, it's so cool.

in diana's version she plays a piano solo after the head is played through once, and she's pretty much just embellishing over the melody, which adds a nice feel without carrying us too far from home base.

good tune, you should listen.
p.s.--she's my aunt's cousin. that's pretty cool :) i mean, it's pretty distant...kind of like the six degrees of kevin bacon...but still...diana krall is amazing, and i'm claiming it.

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