Sunday, May 01, 2005

Oboe Concerto- Ralph Vaughn Williams

I LOVE this oboe concerto... hopefully I'll get to perform it really soon, its a fun one to play. The main theme is a really beautiful pastoral kind of melody with the strings leading into the oboe's entrance with a big swell. I have to start off by saying that the first movement really reminds me of Christmas and winter.
The beginning has this cold, and wintry feel to it, but its still beautiful and as you hear the oboe play you can easily picture snow falling across a countryside or something. The B theme is this lighthearted, staccato melody which gives you kind of the jovial sense of snow flakes dancing but then modulates to the relative minor key which always kind of gives me the sense that the calm snow is turning into more of a blustery storm, it has a more intense feel with clusters of accented sixteenth notes giving a sense of urgency like its time to get home out of the snow.
The piece ends in this parallel minor key with the main melody which I really like, it gives a sense of unrest but I feel like the movement definately has closure.

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